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Towel Bar Type Ideas For Bathroom

Towel Bar Type Ideas For Bathroom

Freestanding. Freestanding bathroom towel bars are suited for your home if you are worried about damage or you don’t want anything permanent, while there are many towel bars that attach to your wall.  Using this type will not ruin your walls and you can remove them whenever you want although they take up a bit more room in the bathroom. When it comes to finding one that will fit in with your décor, they also provide many different options. Freestanding towel bars are portable, so they are easy to move around or swap out with a new style. check out some great bathroom decorating ideas at https://www.pinterest.com/justagirlabby/bathroom-ideas/

Plain. A normal towel bar is fine if all the aforementioned fancy towel bars aren’t your style. Over the years, there exist hundreds of styles from which you can choose from. So that it won’t end up crooked on your wall, be sure to have a level handy as installation can be a little tricky.

Over-the-door. Using over-the-door towel bars permits you to store your towels and robes behind a door. Because they maximize space, they are perfect for small bathrooms. If you don’t want clutter or to keep your towels out of sight, this bathroom towel bar is for you. For durability, select one made out of steel. If you opt for plastic ones, keep in mind that they are easy to break so better avoid using a heavy type of towels.

Swivel Type. There are available movable swivel towel bars. What’s good about it is they let you pivot the rod in any direction. One arm mounted to a wall, while the other arm or arms remain free with this type of towel bar. In any possible way you can, you’ll have two bars that you can use.

Retractable Under-Sink. The retractable under-sink towel bars can make you keep your towels inside a cabinet. You can maintain a clean-looking bathroom as they hide your towels away to be exposed. This will keep your towels yours and not used by others like when you have house guests.

With integrated shelves. A towel rack with a towel bar attached to it can be mounted on the wall. While still being able to hang your used wet towels on the bottom, you would be able to store clean dry towels on the top, giving this style of bathroom towel bars double purpose. Most homeowners prefer Multi-functional bathroom towel bars. There would be many extra space provided with integrated shelves when using this type of towel bars. You can use it as storage for bathroom needs like toiletries, cosmetic kits, and even hair dryers.