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Screen Guide for Porch and Floor Guide

Screen Guide for Porch and Floor Guide

The installing screen on porches continues to gain popularity. Planning a screened-in porch that fits needs and wants can be a challenging task as there are vast new products, materials and design ideas available in the market.

When considering screening a porch, here’s a list of screening type with corresponding color and features. Each is important to getting the best-screened porch for your home while the suggestion is in no distinct order.

The materials should look right and work together as you prefer to use in your screened structure. You can check www.southernillinoisepoxy.com for ideas and materials. Including pressure-treated wood, cedar, composite and vinyl to name a few, there is a huge selection to choose from. When selecting a screen, don’t forget to consider your flooring option, materials used for exterior and your interior trim.

There is another general contractor in wellington that has made screened in porches his model. They do amazing screened in porches that cover pools so dirt and elaves don’t get in the water. They are also easy to clean.

Porch Screening Types, Features, and Colors


-Lightweight yet strong and is resistant to atmospheric corrosion

-Easily cut with hand tools

-Bendable but has little spring back

-Can last 30-40% longer than fiberglass

-Tends to show glare in bright sun

-Available in Silver, Charcoal and Black


-Superior to copper wire mesh in abrasion resistance and tensile strength

-Not suitable for saltwater areas

-Fairly stiff and can be bent by hand and has some spring back

-Yellowish gold but tends to discolor due to atmospheric conditions


-Fairly stiff, can be bent with spring back

-Not affected by salt spray

-Stronger than copper

-The color of a new penny but will gradually discolor over time


-Not as strong as brass

-Cuts easily with hand tools

-Softest of metals can be easily bent

-Has very little spring back

-Yellowish-brown will gradually discolor to a greenish-blue that eventually darken


-Variety of colors

-Preferred insect screening

-Woven from permanent glass yarn

-Non-combustible, will not rust, corrode, or stain

-Needs to be handled with care as it easily torn

Stainless Steel


-Type 316 is approx 10% more but will not rust and is maintenance free

-It is bright so it will cause glare in bright sunlight

-Most popular woven screen

-Known for its strength and corrosion resistance

-Great for marine environments

Vinyl-coated polyester

-Variety of colors

-Designed to resist pets and for sun control.

-They dissipate heat to the framing system

-It will outlast aluminum

-Great for hot climates