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Quality Flooring For The Elderly

Quality Flooring For The Elderly

What is the best flooring for the elderly? This question is common among family members who aid their elderly relatives. To start identifying which flooring is suitable for elders, safety and maintenance must always be considered.

Cork, carpet, and hoboken flooring installation are considered the best floors for elderly relatives by most people for its useful ability, material and its ability to provide safety for elders.


For its unique look and soft feel, cork has become popular over time. From a safety perspective; cork is the best choice. In case of a fall, elders will land on the soft surface and give a natural non-slip top.

Maintenance of cork flooring is absolutely easy. All you need is a broom and it can help clean up most of the messes. Moisture is the major concern with cork since it’s a porous material. It allows water to seep through to the subfloor, that can cause an unwanted build-up. Better scrap the idea from this option as the main flooring for elderly relatives unless you are guaranteed that the area where the cork flooring is installed will remain dry.


For its squishy feel, carpet has typically been a popular choice. Carpet makes a great choice for a home where you are worried about falls when you take into consideration the material, padding, and how it’s installed.

Cleanliness is the main concern with carpet as stains can build up easily and accumulated germs. It could be an issue for some elderly relatives because much work is required for maintenance. It is recommended to use carpet specifically in bedrooms and low traffic areas when considering what flooring is best for elderly relatives.


The hardness is the largest downside for vinyl in the past. Vinyl flooring was only available in glue-down years ago and it was not very tolerant of falls. But all has changed now because you can install vinyl easily that comes with a supportive underlayment which makes the floor as soft as cork and slip-proof as well.

Vinyl plank flooring has all the other floors beat when maintenance is the concern. Among the three materials enumerated, it’s the easiest to clean up. It makes great in any part of the house for its water resistant quality and in case a portion of it gets destroyed, it can be easily replaced by a click installation plank.

Whatever type of flooring you’ve decided to choose among the list, always consider the safety of the elder followed by the maintenance aspect.