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All About Dryer and Washer Combos

washer dryer combo

Dryer and washer combos can be a godsend when you don’t have a washer and dryer hookup. These units fit great in upstairs apartments or anywhere else that you can find a standard electrical outlet and the ability to hook up a hose to get rid of the water. You don’t need the conventional washer and dryer hookups, these units function differently than that.

Dryer and washer combos are great under bathroom vanities in small apartment units. Most dryer and washer combos go well with contemporary bathroom decor and can easily be moved around if needed.

There is a lot of conflicting reports of whether or not dryer and washer combos are really worth it. Some people have great experiences with them and some people have really bad experiences. The best rule of thumb is to check out the reviews on each of the dryer and washer combos you’re looking to purchase and partly base your decision on that.

Dryer and washer combos come with a variety of different settings and can accomplish the same task as a stand alone washer and dryer. One of the main complaints of these units is they either break down frequently or take a long time to wash and dry clothes. If you can find a quality unit that’s constructed with high quality parts, then you’ll enjoy trouble free operation. You can buy an extended warranty or enjoy the standard warranty on most units for about a year.

Another common issue with these dryer and washer combos is that they typically leave clothes wrinkled because they use a steam drying cycle. This is acceptable because the clothes are still dry, but they just don’t dry the clothes without any wrinkles like a normal washer and dryer.

The cost of a typical dryer and washer combo varies a lot. You can find high quality units by LG and Maytag for around $1,000-$1,500. Expect these units to last you a few years, but you may also have to call in for repairs on the units during the warranty period if they break down. As a last resort, when there aren’t any washer and dryer hookups, these units work well. The only quip that people have about them is the quality and usability of the machines themselves.

Finally, make sure you do your online review research. Some of the dryer and washer combos on the market are simply terrible. They do a bad job of washing and drying clothes and simply don’t perform the way they should. If you can get a solid 1 year warranty or extended warranty with the units you’re looking to purchase, then by all means do so. The warranty will probably need to be used at least once during the units lifetime.