Towel Bar Type Ideas For Bathroom

Freestanding. Freestanding bathroom towel bars are suited for your home if you are worried about damage or you don’t want anything permanent, while there are many towel bars that attach to your wall.  Using this type will not ruin your walls and you can remove them whenever you want although they take up a bit more room in the bathroom. When it comes to finding one that will fit in with your décor, they also provide many different options. Freestanding towel bars are portable, so they are easy to move around or swap out with a new style.

Plain. A normal towel bar is fine if all the aforementioned fancy towel bars aren’t your style. Over the years, there exist hundreds of styles from which you can choose from. So that it won’t end up crooked on your wall, be sure to have a level handy as installation can be a little tricky.

Over-the-door. Using over-the-door towel bars permits you to store your towels and robes behind a door. Because they maximize space, they are perfect for small bathrooms. If you don’t want clutter or to keep your towels out of sight, this bathroom towel bar is for you. For durability, select one made out of steel. If you opt for plastic ones, keep in mind that they are easy to break so better avoid using a heavy type of towels.

Swivel Type. There are available movable swivel towel bars. What’s good about it is they let you pivot the rod in any direction. One arm mounted to a wall, while the other arm or arms remain free with this type of towel bar. In any possible way you can, you’ll have two bars that you can use.

Retractable Under-Sink. The retractable under-sink towel bars can make you keep your towels inside a cabinet. You can maintain a clean-looking bathroom as they hide your towels away to be exposed. This will keep your towels yours and not used by the others like when you have house guests.

With integrated shelves. A towel rack with a towel bar attached to it can be mounted on the wall. While still being able to hang your used wet towels on the bottom, you would be able to store clean dry towels on the top, giving this style of bathroom towel bars double purpose. Most homeowners prefer Multi-functional bathroom towel bars. There would be many extra space provided with integrated shelves when using this type of towel bars. You can use it as storage for bathroom needs like toiletries, cosmetic kits, and even hair dryers.


What To Know About Tile Grout And Epoxy Grout

Among tile contractors and builders, epoxy grout has become more and more popular. Compared to cement grout, which is produced from a cementitious powder mix, epoxy grout is produced from epoxy resins and a filler powder. The grout product is exceedingly durable and almost entirely stain proof. Unlike epoxy grout, regular grout can absorb water when it’s wet and stain easily and it’s not waterproof. Epoxy grout could be your best option if you’re tired of scrubbing the gunk off your grout.

Produced from two kinds resins, the epoxy grout is combined with a filler and has a capability that it is very waterproof and bettered suited to harsher cleaning products. In comparison to polymer modified cementitious grouts, the epoxy thin-sets gives greater bond strength and chemical resistance.

Take note: epoxy grout is more difficult to work with than regular grout while it has plenty of benefits. Some homeowners don’t like its tendency to look like plastic.

Regular grout is very simple to shape in outside corners where tile enfolds around a curb, a wall, or shower niche. It would be difficult to obtain the same effect with epoxy grout since it takes more time to set up in the grout joint.

If you wanted to do it by yourself, you don’t want to mix all the grout in the bathroom and then rush it into place since epoxy grout sets quickly. The epoxy grout haze or residue has a glossy sheen on tile surfaces. Before and after grouting to avoid this scenario, make sure your installer cleans your tile properly.

The time needed to cleanse the tile and the high price tag can make some installers skeptical to use epoxy grout. The performance of epoxy grout is not fully utilized as it is pricey and is much more expensive than regular thin-set. Usually, epoxy grout is only used to bond to difficult substrates or where extraordinary chemical resistance is required.


Quality Flooring For The Elderly

What is the best flooring for elderly? This question is common among family members who aid their elderly relatives. To start identifying which flooring is suitable for elders, safety and maintenance must always be considered.

Cork, carpet, and vinyl flooring are considered the best floors for elderly relatives by most people for its useful ability, material and its ability to provide safety for elders.


For its unique look and soft feel, cork has become popular over time. From a safety perspective; cork is the best choice. In case of a fall, elders will land on the soft surface and give a natural non-slip top.

Maintenance of cork flooring is absolutely easy. All you need is a broom and it can help clean up most of the messes. Moisture is the major concern with cork since it’s a porous material. It allows water to seep through to the subfloor, that can cause an unwanted build-up. Better scrap the idea from this option as the main flooring for elderly relatives unless you are guaranteed that the area where the cork flooring is installed will remain dry.


For its squishy feel, carpet has typically been a popular choice. Carpet makes a great choice for a home where you are worried about falls when you take into consideration the material, padding, and how it’s installed.

Cleanliness is the main concern with carpet as stains can build up easily and accumulated germs. It could be an issue for some elderly relatives because much work is required for the maintenance. It is recommended to use carpet specifically in bedrooms and low traffic areas when considering what flooring is best for elderly relatives.


The hardness is the largest downside for vinyl in the past. Vinyl flooring was only available in glue-down years ago and it was not very tolerant of falls. But all has changed now because you can install vinyl easily that comes with a supportive underlayment which makes the floor as soft as cork and slip-proof as well.

Vinyl plank flooring has all the other floors beat when maintenance is the concern. Among the three materials enumerated, it’s the easiest to clean up. It makes great in any part of the house for its water resistant quality and in case a portion of it gets destroyed, it can be easily replaced by a click installation plank.

Whatever type of flooring you’ve decided to choose among the list, always consider the safety of the elder followed by the maintenance aspect.

How to Protect Cork Flooring from its Flaws

Cork flooring has been around for quite some time, its popularity in demand was just recently felt. Those who opt for renewable made from a natural, renewable substance that can be recycled without the culpability associated with using fine hardwoods from preserved forests.

Cork flooring is a very good and dependable material that could be used in most areas of the house and even on office but it’s not suitable for areas where the cork flooring will be in contact with water.

If you are looking for a perfectly unspoiled floor, this is not the right material since cork is a very soft material. Cork makes these floors relatively easy to damage while this might be delightful on bare feet. The floor can be easily punctured if any sharp object is dropped on it. It can pierce and scrape the material by like chair and furniture legs. High heels shoes can easily puncture the surface of a cork floor if not properly filled. Even small dirt particles can act like grits of sandpaper can tear across the surface of the material.

You may have a problem if you have very heavy appliances or furniture pieces because they may sink permanently down into the cork. It can also make it very difficult to move those appliances later on for cleaning or furniture rearrangement because this can only cause permanent divots in the material. Anyhow, there is always available products that can help prevent further damage of cork by using furniture coasters and placing larger pieces on flat wooden boards or other support pieces. If you really wanted to use cork flooring in the kitchen, you may want to use plywood platform or plastic pallet to rest your appliances over the cork.

Cork is prone to dog and cat nail scratches and it’s very visible especially if you have a big and heavy dog. If you really wanted to use cork flooring with pets to consider living in, just keep their nails trimmed.

The water is one of the major problems of cork flooring. In order to create an invisible blockade over its surface, the finishing process includes sealing cork and this offers some protection against water stains and damage.

High humidity may lead to tile popping out and can also cause the cork to curl or plump.

The cork flooring has a tendency to fade due to direct sunlight. The occurrence of discoloration and a patch of the floor can end up taking on a different hue than surrounding areas if direct sunlight is allowed to beam down on cork materials on daily basis. To prevent this from happening, use blinds and curtains plus constant care and maintenance of the material is a must.